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Octopi Methods (8) Step Blue Plan

The footprint behind your furthered success originates in the exclusive Octopi Methods (8) Step Blue Plan



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Innovative Solutions

Mission Support Services
  • Fully comprehend the mission and strategy

  • Strategic planning and execution

  • Enable agency mission by redirecting the workforce and creating a customer-centric approach

  • Improve decision-making through more reliable data

  • Increase cyber-security by eliminating redundant systems

  • Attain economies of scale with modernization and consolidation of technologies

  • Acknowledge cost efficiencies

Process Improvement
  • Understand and document the current state

  • Follow proven methodologies for creating new processes

  • Process and Quality Management Consulting

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

  • CMMI Consulting Support

  • ISO 9001 and 20000 Consulting Support

Operational Missions
  • Use of Concept of Operations (CONOPS) process designs to create a future state of operations

  • Provide Differentiation Operational Strategies

  • Understand markets

  • Mission and Strategy Techniques

  • Strategic OM Decisions

  • Assist in cost leadership and response

  • Engage in finding critical success factors

  • Training and Education

Change Management
  • Prepare the teams for the change

  • Develop an effective vision, communication, short and long-term plans

  • Establish tailored messaging

  • Implement, train and coach stakeholders and personnel

  • Create performance indicators, review progress, analyze results

Data Analytics & Services
  • Data Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboards, Visualization Services, and Reporting

  • Data Strategy and Consulting

  • Data Management and Governance

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Portfolio/Program Management
  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Business Goal Alignment

  • Program Selection

  • Business Value Alignment

  • Manage programs mapped to business objectives and improve organizational performance

  • Oversee and coordinate the various projects and other strategic initiatives throughout an organization

Business Systems Assessment & Consulting
  • Assess the systems maturity level

  • Understand the true costs (labor, effort, time, licenses, subscriptions, opportunity cost) of the tools and processes

  • Provide data analysis and insight

  • Help make intelligent and informed decisions

Project Management
  • System delivery of product or service using waterfall and agile/scrum

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Manage scope, schedule, and cost

  • ​​Track progress, allocate resources, manage risks, communicate

  • Resource and budget management

Information Technology (IT) Consulting & Support
  • Advise on the best use of information technology (IT) to achieve business objectives

  • Counsel on IT outsourcing

  • Support and nurture IT projects

  • End-User Help Desk and Technical Support

(Levels 1-3)

Outreach Programs/Marketing
  • Planning, Optimization Process, Conversion Analysis

  • Sales Enablement

  • Outreach Marketing

  • Boost Brand Awareness and Authority

  • Content Marketing

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