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Meet the Founder

Sandra J. Warner is an innovative professional who has focused her career on ensuring clients' and organizations' success through highly effective methodologies, processes, and solutions.  In her 18+ years of experience, she has implemented business systems and processes used by Federal, State & Local, and Private Sector clients, that are still in practice.  Prior to founding Octopi Methods, LLC, she worked as Director of Customer Operations for several SaaS companies, where she focused on strategic process improvements and the maximization of customer experiences.


Sandra resides in the DC-Metro area with her husband, three girls, two dogs, and a cat.  She is active in the community focusing on disadvantaged populations as well as mentoring girls.  She is passionate about making a difference in her community, which also includes advocating for animals. 


We grow organizations through the implementation of the proprietary Octopi Methods (8) Step Blue Plan, an expert-level success solution that provides measurable results and helps achieve missions and goals. 


Our vision is to guide, support, and realize the full potential of our client’s organization and to steer a new era of productivity and growth. 

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